You can easily build your app for our Merchants with the Jumpseller API. Only a few steps to consider:

Initially, you need provide some information about your App to us:

  • Name
  • Logo Image identifying your App.
  • Author The company / person responsible for supporting the App.
  • Install URL

Install URL

Your App needs to accept GET a request which is triggered when a merchants installs your App on his store.
This request contains the following params so that each Jumpseller store can use your app:

  • Login
  • Authtoken

We recommend storing this credentials into your App's database.

You will need to return JSON with the following params for each installation call:

  • success True or False according the result of the installation.
  • message String with installation status description. e.g. 'Successful Installation!'
  • render_url Render URL of your App.
  • uninstall_url URL for uninstall your App on the store.


GET request in CURL to your App:

curl -X GET "https://your_install_url?login=XXXXX&authtoken=XXXXX"

should return the JSON:

{ success: true,
message: 'Our App installed on your store succesfully!',
render_url: '',
uninstall_url: '' }

App Render

When your App is installed succesfully, it will reside (be rendered) within an iframe at the Jumpseller store Admin Panel.

  • Make sure your App uses an SSL certificate. Non-HTTPs URLs cannot be loaded.
  • Make sure you protect your App avoiding it being used outside a Jumpseller store.

App Uninstall

GET request will be triggered on the uninstall_url you provided. It's your job to 'delete' (uninstall) the store credentials and all related information from your system.

curl -X GET "https://your_app_url/uninstall?login=XXXXX&authtoken=XXXXX"

Javascript Apps

Visit this page for Jumpseller Javascript Apps